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"Nitrate" or similar chemical preservatives are not used in any of our products. All products are completely natural.

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We recommend you to take a look at our Blog page where you can find unique tastes from Bosnian cuisine, dried meat and Bosnian appetizers, recipes that you can easily make at home. Traditional dry meat production stages, tips on dry meat storage, in short, all kinds of information about dried meat and Bosnian cuisine.

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Our grandfather Nazif Gegic started to produce dried meat with traditional methods and special ovens built in tents in Tutin, then known as Yugoslavia, in 1956. Nazif Gegic, who came to Istanbul in 1969, established the first dry meat oven in 1976 and continued production with traditional methods.

Now, using the dry meat cooking methods inherited from our grandfather, the "Dedova Prsuta" brand is used for dry meat production with modern production equipment.  We continue below.